St. Petersburg is known as the Cultural capital of Russia. For more than 2 centuries  St. Petersburg was the capital of the Russian Empire. Royal residences, Winter and Summer palaces, mansions of the aristocracy, the richest museums and famous theaters are concentrated in this city.

Today the former palaces have been turned into attractions and are open to the public. Tell us about your wishes and VIP-Russian will organize a tour that let you feel and see the Imperial luxury of Tsarist Russia.

St. Petersburg offers its guests:

  • Luxury accommodation: old mansions or modern high-class hotels
  • Premium transfer
  • More than 100 theatres, including the world-famous Mariinsky Theatre
  • More than 200 museums, including the world-famous Hermitage
  • The amazing architecture and city landscapes
  • Night life, premium night clubs
  • Night excursions: raising bridges and night boat trips
  • Gastronomic and shopping tours
  • Country Royal palaces: Peterhof, Catherine Palace, Gatchina Palace and others
The golden ring of russia

This wondrous name is given to the group of towns located in the Central part of Russia (usually 1 to 6 hours away from Moscow) that were important centers in medieval Russia.

Today this area has a lot to offer: ancient architecture, fortresses, churches, cathedrals, traditional food and amazing landscapes straight from Russian fairytales.

This direction is the best decision for those guests who would like to learn more about history, customs and culture of  Russia. You will plunge into the atmosphere of Ancient feudal Russia; see how dukes, nobles and simple peasants lived. As well as you will discover the contrast between the great city that is Moscow and the more rural Russia.

  • Ancient monasteries, cathedrals and fortresses
  • Customs and culture of Ancient Russia
  • Traditional food and craft
  • Stunning nature of Central Russia
  • Accommodation in 5* hotels or comfortable country villas
  • Premium transfer
  • 1-day trips from Moscow or St. Petersburg
  • Multi-day tours with visits to several cities
baikal lake

Lake Baikal is the deepest and purest lake in the world. It is called “the pearl of Russia” due to its stunning nature, landscapes and ecosystem. Both Baikal Lake itself and the coastal areas are distinguished by unique flora and fauna that makes these places truly unique and attracts many travelers and lovers of real adventures.

Here you will feel real unity with nature, rest from civilization and fast paced life of big cities, admire breathtaking landscapes and meet small ethnic peoples of that part of Russia.

Despite the remoteness from civilization, VIP-Russian has all the necessary resources to organize the highest level of comfort and service for our guests:

  • Helicopter sightseeing tours
  • Yacht rental and a multi-day cruise on the lake to the most remote and unexplored areas
  • Accommodation in mountain chalets or in comfortable country complexes
  • Expeditions
  • Hunting  and fishin in the wild nature
  • Acquaintance with ethnic nationalities: shamanic rituals, living in a Yurt, performances of groups, master classes
  • Active recreation: diving in Baikal Lake, horseback riding, ATVs, sailing, rafting, photo hunting
Winter baikal lake

Winter Baikal is one of the most stunning places on the Planet.  In winter the lake turns into a real fairytale – transparent ice, bright sunshine, snowy mountains! Just imagine, you are standing on ice 1-3 meters thick, and there is a one kilometer abyss under you. You can see many meters down.

It is absolutely safe to walk, skate, bike and even by car safe on such a thick layer of ice. And more than that  In 1904, when the Russian-Japanese war began and it was urgent to throw all the troops, engineers laid rails directly on the ice of lake Baikal and pulled one car by horse traction. No accident, of course.

The best time to visit winter Baikal is February and March.

During the winter season Baikal offers the following activities for its guests:

  • Jeep tour on the ice of Baikal Lake
  • Snowmobile trips
  • Dog sledding or reindeer tour through the Siberian taiga
  • Ski resorts
  • Accommodation in mountain chalets, comfortable country hotels or extreme options: Yurt or ice hotel
  • Winter diving under the ice of Baikal Lake
kamchatka peninsula

Kamchatka is a region of pristine nature for real adventure-lovers! This is a unique region, full of contrasts and not at all like the rest of the country. It is a zone of volcanoes, geysers, mountain rivers and lakes, bears, forests, glaciers and waterfalls.

We offer our guests the following options:

  • Helicopter tours over the volcanos, the valley of geysers, mountain streams
  • Climbing volcanoes
  • Fishing for salmon, sea fishing, deep sea fishing
  • Hunting in the wild for bear, elk, boar, bird
  • Wildlife watching and photo hunting
  • Extreme off-road jeep driving
  • Snowmobiling
  • Accommodation in comfortable mountain chalets and premium SUV-transfer
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