The ruble’s rate to the dollar and euro over the recent years has grown more than twice. What do we want to say? It’s simple. The Russian retail, especially in the luxury segment, sets the minimum surcharge to preserve the sales.

But this is great news for the capital’s guests! For those whose finances are counted in dollars and euros, the shopping in Moscow not only will be pleasant but also maximum beneficial!

Due to the currency rate, you will be able to gain maximum benefit and vast choice offered by the Moscow boutiques.

Shopping in Moscow is a real cult, the area of many malls is more than 400.000 square meters, and there are more than a hundred of them in the city.


Even more beneficial may be shopping in the outlets with the premium goods with great discounts even beyond the sales’ season.

In Moscow, there are hundreds of such outlets and even entire outlet villages with a vast choice of luxe brands with incredibly low prices.

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