Exclusive offer

“1 day in the life of russian oligarch”

Exclusive program for exclusive guests


You should consider this program only if you still have the spirit of adventurism and desire for the unknown and new.

Are you still able to give up the daily routine, strict planning and time management? Maybe you have long wanted to do something amazing and crazy… Then what are we waiting for? It’s time to start the adventure. You want to ask what adventure? But then it will not be a surprise.

Perhaps we’ll just hint a little. No, we won’t tell you the details of the program. We will just give you some anticipation. Anticipation of new sensations.


Of course, all this will be connected with Russia. With that Russia, the benefits of which are available only to the most select, a narrow circle of gourmets who are really able to get the emotions and sensations.  And Yes, we forbid you to deny yourself something.

You will be the real master of this weekend. You will have access to the most luxurious, inaccessible to most and enjoyable entertainment. All the best that can make a vacation in Russia will be with you, everything will work only for you.

You will be the Lord of the earth and the air, soaking up gastronomic and aesthetic pleasures, getting impressive, breathtaking and incredibly enjoyable experiences.


We will pick you up late on Friday night, bring you back on Sunday morning.

And we ensure that this weekend you will never forget.  A weekend that you will want to tell everyone about.  But … perhaps, on second thought, you will not want and decide to remain it as only your exclusively personal, inaccessible to others, experience.

We are waiting for you.

Price: 25000$

The price includes:

  • All

The price does not include:

  • Flights to Moscow
additional options:
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