You feel the call of the wild inside you? If you long for going deep into the forest and competing in dexterity, cunning and power with a beast, if you are a real man – we look forward to welcoming you at the royal hunting!

Enjoy the fascination of the real ‘men’s amusements’, feel the weight of the rifle that will help you to shoot a boar, elk, bear, goose or a wild duck.

VIP-hunting implies that every hunter is compulsory escorted by several experienced jaegers. As the hunting land is rather vast, we offer the helicopter rental: by helicopter, you will be able to reach the deepest areas of the forest to fully enjoy the absence of the civilization.


Our jaegers with many years of experience will escort you to the best fisheries. They will also tell you a lot about the behavior of the fish and will reveal the details of the fishing and hunting processes. They will also advise you on the places and the bait for your desirable trophy.

At the premium fishing and hunting recreation camp, there are great fishing boats that you may rent while residing at the hotel. We will select the hotel in accordance with your needs.

We will help to cook your trophy in various ways: to smoke, to dry cure, to fry and many others. Our chef will surprise you with marvelous dishes.
Our kind and attentive staff will devote time to every guest and provide the premium services.


Luxurious baths complexes have been designed with a single purpose, which is to make your leisure as pleasant as possible. There are famous Russian steam baths, where one may feel the refreshment of mind and body.

Baths are a great way to spend your time both alone and in a company of your friends. Baths complexes are equipped with everything necessary, there are restaurants, billiards and many others.


Want to do some shooting with the real Kalashnikov gun or Dragunov sniper rifle? You’ve probably heard of or seen in the movies a famous TT pistol, Stechkin automatic pistol… Or you just feel like ‘hitting’ with an RPG!

We will organize for you a trip to the shooting gallery within the city or the site visit to the rifle-range, where you will be able to test the combat models of the famous Russian armaments.

Well, for those who prefer bigger guns – we may offer the tank gunnery and other weapons!

off-road jeep tours

Do you want to feel the real freedom of movement? We offer you an exciting activity: off-road jeep tour!. In this extreme program on the SUV  you will conquer the real off-road – rivers, swamps, ravines. At your disposal will be the best cars: Jeep Cherokee, Mercedes-Benz G-class.  An experienced instructor will accompany you and show the most interesting routes. If you are traveling with friends, you can be all together in one car or everyone can drive and race.

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