PRivate tour

“Moscow&Golden ring” – 8 days

If you a culture-lover and want to learn more about history, customs and culture of  Russia, we offer you to visit Moscow and  Golden Ring of Russia. Enjoy ancient architecture, fortresses, churches, cathedrals, traditional food and amazing landscapes straight from Russian fairytales.

Dear guests, here we would like to present you a package tour. But at your request we are ready to customize it according to your wishes – for example, to change the excursion or evening program, to include in the tour various entertainments, to change the hotel or room category or transfer category. So we are ready to live out any of your ideas. Just write us.

1 day
  • Arrival in Moscow and meeting at the airport with your personal assistant

If a guest wishes, we can arrange a VIP-meeting at the airport 

  • VIP transfer to hotel

Our driver will meet you upon your arrival at the airport and will accompany you for the entire period of your Russian trip. We provide you with a car of executive class – Mercedes S class. But if you wish, you can choose any other car from our fleet.

  • Check-in

You will stay in Metropole hotel 5* that is located in the very heart of Moscow

  • Dinner in one of the best restaurants of the city
  • Short night walk

Moscow is really amazing at night, if you wish, after dinner we can take a short walk and see the Red Square, the Kremlin, decorated streets.

2 day
  •  Breakfast in the hotel restaurant
  • Meeting with your private guide in the hotel lobby
  • Excursion program in Moscow part 1

Here we propose you to go for a city tour and visit the Kremlin and all interesting sights inside it (cathedrals. the Diamond Fund, Armoury) .However other excursions also are available, ask your manager to learn more about them.

  • Lunch in one of the best restaurants of the city

Restaurant Beluga is famous for its varieties of caviar and one of the largest vodka list in the world.

  • Excursion program in Moscow part 2

After lunch we continue to explore Moscow. You will visit The Red Square, St. Basil Cathedral and all main sights nearby.

  • Back to the hotel to have rest and dress-up for the theatre
  • Visit the Bolshoi or Operetta theatre

Other cultural events depending on the repertoire of musicals in Moscow and wishes of a guest are available

  • Dinner in one of the best restaurants of the city
3 day
  • Breakfast in the hotel restaurant (buffet)
  • Excursion program to The VDNKH and the memorial Museum of cosmonautics

On this day, you will get acquainted with the Soviet era – you will visit the largest complex of Soviet architecture – VDNH and the Museum of cosmonautics. In this museum you will see the first successes and achievements of Soviet cosmonautics: the first spacesuits, the first artificial earth satellites, and spacecraft.

  • Lunch at the restaurant “7 Sky”

Which is one of the most fascinating restaurants of Moscow as it is located at an altitude of 320 meters above the Ground and slowly rotates 360 degrees

  • Tour of the Ostankino TV tower

You will visit the highest view-point in Europe 

  • Back to the hotel
  • Dinner in one of the best restaurants of the city
  • Night club

Tonight we would like to offer you to go for a party. “Moscow never sleeps” so let’s explore what it actually means. We will book for you VIP-table or lounge in one (or maybe two or free) of the best night clubs of Moscow.

4 day
  •  Breakfast in the hotel restaurant (buffet)
  • Excursion to Novodevishy Cemetery

That is one of most picturesque temple complexes in Moscow

  • Excursion to Vorobyovy Hills and Skyscrapers

The Moscow state University building is one of the most famous and impressive skyscrapers built by Stalin. After that you will go to the financial center of Moscow – Moscow city that is a ditrict of skyscrapers.

  • Lunch in Ruski Restaurant

That is the highest restaurant in Europe and located on the 84th floor. It serves russian author cuisine.

  • Free time

Soon we will leave Moscow so we propose to spend this part of day as you wish – go for shopping ( our shopping-expert will assist you), go for another excursion (ask your manager for it) or just walk around the city center.

  • Transfer to the country hotel 5*

The next two nights you will stay at the country hotel Rodniki  5* that is a complex of modern villas with panoramic windows. It is located in the forest where guests can enjoy peaceful atmosphere and  feel unity with nature.

5 day
  • Breakfast in the hotel restaurant
  • Excursion to Sergeev Posad city

 On this day we invite you to visit one of the cities of the Golden Ring of Russia. This ancient city is known to tourists because of its main attraction-the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, which is included in the UNESCO world heritage list.

  • Lunch
  • Matryoshka doll factory and workshop

We believe that you have ever heard of the most famous Russian souvenir – Matryoshka doll. Making these dolls is an ancient folk craft. We will take you to the factory, where you will see the manufacturing process, and then will create and decorate your own matryoshka, that of course you can take with you.

  • Back to the hotel
  • Dinner in the hotel restaurant
6 day
  • Breakfast in the hotel restaurant and check-out
  • Way to Suzdal city (3 hours)
  • Private city-tour in Suzdal

Suzdal is one of the most beautiful cities of the Golden Ring. It looks like from a Russian fairy tale. Indeed, this city-reserve is more than a thousand years old and it has preserved its ancient architecture and traditions.

  • Traditional Lunch
  • Riding in a traditional carriage
  • Mead degustation

Mead (not vodka, as many mistakenly believe) is a traditional russian drink. It is a low-alcohol drink (usually 2-6%), made from water, honey and yeast with various flavorings. We suggest that you go for a tasting of this ancient drink. Please tell us if you do not drink alcohol and we will replace this activity with another one (traditional bread baking, icons and fresco painting, forge, birch bark craft)

  • Transfer to the hotel and check-in

This time we have chosen for you a really unusual accommodation. You will spend this and the next night in Russia’s first private city. Believe us, the accommodation conditions will pleasantly surprise you.

  • Dinner in the hotel restaurant
  • Rest
7 day
  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Excursion to Bogolyubovo town

Bogolyubovo is a small village nearby Suzdal  with almost a thousand years of history, ancient architecture and stunning scenery.

  • Lunch
  • Snowmobiling tour

We offer you to enjoy all the delights of the Russian winter and  to try snowmobiling on the breathtaking beautiful winter expanses of Russia: forests, fields, hills, lakes. We promise, it will bring you a sea of emotions and a lot of impressions!

As for summer, here we offer to try horse riding or flying a plane or helicopter tour.

  • Back to the hotel
  • Dinner in the hotel restaurant
  • Traditional Russian spa-procedures and massage
8 day
  • Breakfast in the hotel restaurant and check-out
  • Private tour in Vladimir city
  • Lunch in a restaurant
  • Way to Moscow or to the airport ( 4-4.5 hours)

If you do not want to spend a lot of time on the road, we can arrange for you a helicopter taxi to Moscow.

Price per 1 person: 14500$
Price per 2 persons: 12100$

The price for the tour may be slightly changed to a greater or lesser extent depending on various factors – for example, the number of guests, public holidays in the city or high tourist season, the availability of the desired tickets to the theaters or Opera and more. The final price will be given to you at the individual calculation of the tour.

The price includes:

  • Executive car for 8 days (Mercedes S-class)
  • Personal driver with 24 hours access
  • Accommodation in a 5* hotel in the heart of Moscow, in country hotel 5*
  • Accommodation in a private city
  • Private city-tours in all cities
  • Traditional workshops
  • Traditional cariage riding
  •  Personal assistant-interpreter with 24 hours access who will coordinate the tour and fulfill your tasks
  • All entrance tickets
  • Russian bath and spa-procedures
  • Snowmobiling tour
  • Personal guide for the duration of excursions
  • Ticket to the Bolshoi theatre or other cultural event
  • Visa

The price does not include:

  • Flights to Moscow
  • Food in restaurants, clubs, baths

We will reserve a table for guests in the best restaurants of the city.

additional options:
  • VIP meeting at the airport
  • VIP send-off at the airport
  • Helicopter taxi from Vladimir to Moscow
  • Bodyguard
  • Model assistance
  • Change room category
  • Change the class of hotel
  • Change the class of the transfer
  • Change excursion program
  • Change cultural program